We love The Drawing Board in Petaluma, CA, but the $4 “Keg Wine” is a clear cut case of “you get what you pay for.” Per the notes jotted in ye olde Reporter’s Notebook on-site, here’s the transcription of the scrawl:

Some brand called “Love.” Barnyard and Crayola — like a crayon up a sheep’s butt. BPA flavor and the taste of the tubes.

Let me explain: There was a waxiness that accompanied the general dank barnyard-ish funk, which was further marred by the plastic-y flavor of what we suspected were the tubes of the wine keg system (a frequent complaint of winemakers explained winemaker at our next stop). Naturally, we informed the management that we perceived some sort of bacterial badness going down but she didn’t seem overly concerned by our observation. We tried (and left unfinished glasses in the process).