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Daedalus Howell has written about wine for a variety of regional and national magazines. He's the author of I Heart Sonoma: How to Live and Drink in Wine Country among other books.

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Taste of the World

SoCal Chefs Gear Up For Taste of the World 2017 Sunday, May 21 at...

Food Competition, Celeb Appearances, Mixologists, and Travel Giveaways, and More On May 21, to celebrate food, wine and culture inspired by international travel, food and...
Pacific Redwood Organic Pinot

The Dank Stank of Mendo Pinot: Pacific Redwood Organic Pinot

The 2015 Pacific Redwood (Organic) Mendocino Pinot Noir is the viticultural equivalent of licking a psychoactive toad. You're not sure who's violating who and then you...

From Kendall-Jackson with Love (and So Much Food and Wine)

As the editor of a wine blog, my inbox runneth over with Valentine-themed wine pitches. It's like celebrating V-Day in my grammar school, when...